The Board Meeting

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting
Date: November 30, 1920
Location: Headquarters of ilMob Petrochemical Corporation
Chairperson: Luther V. Brooksteele

The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of ilMob Petrochemical Corporation was called to order at 16:35 on Tuesday, November 30, 1920, in the company’s headquarters, located at 3141 Atlantic Avenue, Rancho Los Cerritos, CA, by the Chairperson, Brooksteele.

The unsuspecting geologist from Idaho, R. Jackson Stranghway, was the unwitting candidate to respond. He interviewed well, and seemed eager for the opportunity, despite our condescending facade. His keen eyes and naivety are perfect for the deceit we weave; he believes he's bound for adventure, not subterfuge. With the interview process concluded, we now orchestrate our expansion into the shadows of Mesoamerica. Stranghway has the job.